Ticketmaster Data Breach in UK

Countless Ticketmaster UK clients are thought to have been straightforwardly influenced by an information rupture at an outsider stage supplier of the web-based ticketing mammoth. The firm guaranteed in a notice clarifying the episode that it discovered pernicious programming on a client bolster item facilitated by provider Ibenta Technologies a weekend ago. The malware, which Read more about Ticketmaster Data Breach in UK[…]

Does Linux Need Antivirus?

Linux enjoys a reputation for being safe and secure, but should you get a security solution for your Linux? It has been a long time since the subject of whether Linux needs an antivirus solution or not has been discussed and debated online. Even though the threat of malware is very little in Linux as Read more about Does Linux Need Antivirus?[…]

Netflix Phishing Scam Targets North Bay Resident

North Bay Police recently conducted an investigation into a complaint made in regards to fraud conducted on a bank account which involved a phishing scam using Netflix as a way to gather banking information. A complaint with respect to irregularities in a bank account was made to the North Bay authorities the phishing mail received Read more about Netflix Phishing Scam Targets North Bay Resident[…]

Keep Your Children Safe Online

The internet is a fantastic tool for learning and entertainment, but it has a sordid side and children can easily stray into it.  On the sunny side, more guardians are recognizing the potential dangers of the internet, which is the first step towards preventing them. In a US poll, adults cited cyber safety second on Read more about Keep Your Children Safe Online[…]

How to Stop Annoying Google Ads from Following you Online?

We all know that the online ads follow us everywhere on the internet. When you type anything in your search engine or if you visit any website, then the online advertisers will begin popping up the appropriate advertisement to everywhere you go on the internet, it might be your social media network, your email inbox Read more about How to Stop Annoying Google Ads from Following you Online?[…]

The File is not Valid 32-Bit Application Error Message

If you are experiencing a problem where the program you are trying to run is missing or even corrupted. In this case, Windows might not be able to run the file properly, and then the operating system will generate an error message File is not a valid 32-bit application. Usually, the error is about the executable Read more about The File is not Valid 32-Bit Application Error Message[…]

VPNFilter Continues To Target More Devices

The new type of malware distinguished as VPNFilter is infecting more variants and models of devices and it has new capacities, such as the capability to perform exploits to endpoint devices and invalidate reboots, according to the Cisco Talos reports. Cisco Talos discovered that VPNFilter had affected a minimum of 500,000 networking devices, largely customer-grade Read more about VPNFilter Continues To Target More Devices[…]

Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Email Bombing

Email bombing is an outline of internet abuse in which enormous quantity of identical emails is sent to a particular email address to influence the operating system of a computer system. When the mailbox gets overflowed with the innumerable unwanted emails, so the capacity gets exhausted, which is leading towards an incapability to receive additional emails. Read more about Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Email Bombing[…]

Ethical Hacking: A New Trend

This week, have you heard a good new that THN has done the bargaining with Ethical Hacking Bundle, from beginning to end the Ethical Hacking Bundle can stroll with you with a simple ability you will be able to start your activities towards turning into an expert moral programmer. 1- Introduction to Ethical Hacking Certification:- Read more about Ethical Hacking: A New Trend[…]