How to Alarm Set the Spotify Playlist

Well, it is beneficial and healthy to wake up early after a balanced nap. But, waking up at same alarm sound can be irritating after a while. To escape this, we set the alarm with a song of our choice and we like waking up on that song, every morning. But after a few days, that song too becomes so annoying that we can’t even play it while listening to the songs in our playlist. So, how do we escape the boring alarm sounds?

Wait a minute, because this won’t be annoying to you anymore. Thanks to Spotify and Google Clock, you can now wake up to the playlist of your favorite songs in Spotify. Since the service is available only to the Android phones, the facility is currently limited to Android users. Still, it is surprising to see the amazing features offered by Spotify and Google Corporation. Spotify is a popular online music streaming service where a user needs an account to listen to the favorite music and songs. Collaborating with Google Clock, it is possible to set the alarm to your Spotify playlist. If your phone is running on Android 5.0 or above versions, then you can use the service with the latest versions or update your Spotify and Google Clock apps.

Let’s check how to alarm set the Spotify playlist

  1. Launch Google Clock app in your Android phone
  2. Tap on Alarm from upper bar options
  3. At the bottom of the display, tap + icon
  4. Set the alarm from the Clock box appeared and tap Ok
  5. Open Sound by tapping on the bell icon
  6. Now, tap Spotify icon
  7. The app will ask to connect if you are using it first time
  8. Tap Connect to confirm
  9. Remember you must be signed into your Spotify account
  10. After the connection set up between the two, you can select the playlist
  11. To confirm if the service is workable, go back to Google Clock app and check the Spotify icon has replaced the Bell icon
  12. Tap the three button next to the playlist to open and tap Open in Spotify
  13. After switching off the alarm, tap CONTINUE PLAYING to keep Spotify playing the songs

Set the alarm now to check the playlist and enjoy your mornings with great experience in shuffle mode.

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