Keep Your Children Safe Online

The internet is a fantastic tool for learning and entertainment, but it has a sordid side and children can easily stray into it.  On the sunny side, more guardians are recognizing the potential dangers of the internet, which is the first step towards preventing them. In a US poll, adults cited cyber safety second on the list of top health issues children face currently.

Even if parents wish to keep their kids safe on the web, with technology developing swiftly, it is difficult to maintain pace with the latest threats.

For this reason, we have come up with a list of internet security risks for children. In this guide, you will discover the common hazards kids can encounter on the web and get tips for thwarting them.


The incidents of cyberbullying are alarmingly common. The Cyberbullying Research Center states that over 27% of respondents (children) say that they have experienced cyberbullying. Unfortunately, merely ten percent of cyberbullying victims notify a parent or a trusted adult about the bullying incident. Moreover, victims of online bullying are two to nine times more prone to consider suicide.

What you can do:-

Report Cyberbullying

Keep reminding your children to inform you of any hateful or obscene messages they come up against and encourage them to tell the truth. Maintain a record of the online harassment and report the issue to your local police or law enforcement agency if need be.

Block Cyberbullies

If your kid is being attacked via instant messaging, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or applications such as Snapchat, block the cyberbully instantly. Additionally, report the cyberbully to the website where the incident occurred.

Identity Theft

Young kids are major targets of identity theft as they have clean credit records. Child identity theft happens because kids have Social Security numbers because their parents list them as dependents for tax purposes. If a thief gets the SSN, they can conduct a fraudulent activity which may go undetected for years.

What you can do:-

Keep Information Private

Do not let your children post identifying details such as their full name, birth date, residential address, etc. because this information can be used to steal the child’s identity.

Monitor Credit Reports

Be aware of the warning signs of ID theft and monitor the credit report annually. Reach out to every Credit Reporting Company if your child falls victim to identity theft.

Online Predators

41 percent of parents worry about their kids being in contact with dangerous strangers on the web. This fear is valid as one in five teenagers who regularly use the internet admits that they have received unwanted solicited messaged over the internet. Cyber safety for kids includes taking measures to warn them about predatory behavior.

What you can do:-

Talk About the Issue

Explain the dangers of the internet to your child. Ensure them that it not their fault if somebody sends them inappropriate messages, and remind them to let you know about it as soon as possible.

Keep An Eye On Their Online Activity

Keep monitoring your child’s online accounts and web history and speak to them if you find anything concerning. Instead of snooping around your child, let them know that you are monitoring their internet activity. You can also use parental control applications.

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