Watch Out For the Malware Laden Android Apps On Google Play

Cyber experts have become aware of the return of the cybercriminal group which populated a couple of malware-laden application on Google Play store. These apps have malware which can steal data from the mobile devices.

Researchers at McAfee discovered an assortment of malicious applications on the Google play platform which reappear after they are removed by just changing their names. Malware dubbed Android.Reputation.1, which is a Trojan horse, was first seen in the year 2014. It has been detected in the latest itineration of minimum seven applications on the Google play store after Google was previously made aware of them. To know more, go to

These new applications featured under another publisher and had the same code but they were listed under a modified name, as per the researcher from Mcafee, a security company based in the USA. These malware-laden applications provide a range of features which include smiley keyboard add-ons, call recorders, photo editor, storage space cleaners, QR scanner, and calculators.

App Intruders

Sneaking malicious application though usually does to call for exploiting intricate vulnerabilities present in the Google Play architecture. Instead of this, cybercriminals use somewhat simple tricks and techniques in order to deceive Google Play Protect’s scanning. It includes its adaptive ML-based mechanisms. These apps can be created to execute their destructive code on a time delay. This is done so that the shady behavior of these apps does not begin until and unless they have been accepted. Applications can be set up in such a way that their malicious code is encrypted and cannot be seen in the screening of Play’s Protect.

However, specific applications do not use any unique malicious code at all. Instead, they try to deceive users into downloading added malicious software directly from the hackers’ servers. These apps are difficult to flag as malicious.

What can these apps do?

These malware-laden apps, when they installed, take measures to continue staying on the Android phone, vanish and wipe the footprints, and they wait for hours before launching nefarious activity to prevent arousing doubt. They also demand the user for admin control by using the Google Play icon while doing it in order to fake authenticity.

These applications have the ability to alter the launcher icon and their app’s image in the system setting when they are installed. They use a popular and famous icon like Google Play and Google Map to avoid gaining suspicion.

How can you stay protected?

Be extra careful when you are installing any unreleased or beta version of an app from the Google Store. Moreover, verify the number of app downloads to see how popular the app is. Avoid installing any obscure app/ Install security software on your mobile device and always keep it up-to-date. McAfee Antivirus provides security for Android phones. McAfee is a trusted brand which has won several awards for its antivirus products. It brags about having the most sophisticated Android app screener across the globe. Hence, McAfee is your best bet if you want to protect your device from malicious applications. Go to for more information.

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