Netflix Phishing Scam Targets North Bay Resident

North Bay Police recently conducted an investigation into a complaint made in regards to fraud conducted on a bank account which involved a phishing scam using Netflix as a way to gather banking information.

A complaint with respect to irregularities in a bank account was made to the North Bay authorities the phishing mail received by the complainant on their mobile device seemingly originated from Netflix and advised the recipient to enter their banking details as they were outdated. The unsuspecting person re-entered the banking information, and this information fell into the hands of a phisher.

According to the investigation team, the complainant was notified via email that their banking credentials had been changed, and if he didn’t change them, he should get in touch with the bank.

When the person contacted the bank, suspicious activity in his bank account was identified, as a result of which the bank account was suspended in May 2018.

Detective John Schultz from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says that they later learned that several fraudulent financial transactions were made. These activities included withdrawing cash after depositing unlawful bank orders to the bank account.

Netflix is one of the several companies which are used for spoof emails. According to Netflix, they do not require users to give their personal and financial information over email.

The authorities have completed the investigation process, and even though the victim did not undergo a pecuniary loss, the phishers remain unknown.

Detective Constable Schultz says that one can fall victim to phishing quickly as well as easily. However, since the complainant didn’t waste time in contacting the North Bay police and the police authorities worked along with the bank to stop the fraud as quickly as possible.

Phishing frauds are usually connected to sham and unreliable websites and emails, wrongly pretending to originate from an authentic source like a bank, government institution, and multinational corporation in an effort to make the potential victim deliver their personal and financial details. Here it was a spoof Netflix email seeking to get banking credentials.

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