New Identity Protection features of McAfee Secure for Your Website and Customers

With the advent of Ithe nternet, the present society is more connected now than it ever was. While these webs of connections may make communication a lot easier, less savory thing like identity theft have become easier to execute as well. The increase in the use of technology has resulted in more cyber crimes. In order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim to cyber crimes, it is essential to have a security software program. McAfee, a company of Intel, is a leading brand when it comes to computer security solutions. It offers complete and robust protection against all sorts of cyber threats and infections. To know more about McAfee products, go to

McAfee has made specific improvements to its Identity Protection. The Identity Protection feature comes along with the McAfee Secure Pro plans. This feature benefits not only the business but also its customers. After taking the feedback and suggestions from the customers and business owners and the customer’s customers, McAfee has rolled out some new options which enable the site owners to choose how they would like to offer Identity Protection coverage to their customers. If you want loyal customers then you should get this feature for your website.

What is new about Identity Protection Feature?

  1. Good for the customers: This new and improved Identity protection feature is better for your customers. It improves the user experience of the customers by providing them with the choice to opt in for receiving Identity Protection.
  2. Good for you: The new implementation choices and options let you customize and personalize the offer.

How is the new Identity Protection Feature better than before?

  • It is more user friendly
  • It can be customized easily and more options are available.
  • IF is more effective and smooth functioning.

Better for the customers

You do not have to give McAfee the email addresses of your customers anymore. Instead of this, your customers can decide to opt in for receiving their coverage. McAfee will not communicate with the customers until and after the customers personally share their email address with McAfee.

Better for site owner

McAfee provides two choices for offering Identity Protection. These options are based on what is the best fit for your website. After the customer makes the purchase, there two ways to tell them about their Identity Protection coverage.

  1. The Modal

If you want to get the most effective and efficient solution along with the maximum number of signups then goes for Identity Protection modal window. When your customer completes any purchase on your website, this modal will pop up in the center of the screen. After that, your customer can either opt in for getting their reward of Identity Protection coverage. Your customers may also close the window if it does not interest them.

  1. The Slide Up window

If you want a more amalgamated approach, then you should opt for the slide up window. Whenever a customer makes a purchase on the site, the slide up window will come at the bottom of the Thank you for your purchase page. Not only is this window discreet but it also allows the user to get a chance to get their Identity Protection coverage.

How to get started?

After logging into your McAfee Secure account, you can select which of the options your customers will spot. You can alter and change the settings at any time. By giving complimentary identity theft protection, you are taking care of the most significant concern of your consumer: security. With the help of the new Identity Protection features, you can let your customers know that you take care of them before and after they make the purchase.

If you use McAfee Secure Certification Pro, then you can add the Identity Protection to your website at any time. Head over to the Setup Wizard for setting up Identity Protection. Locate the confirmation page code in the Setup Wizard, and you can set up this new feature. If you need assistance regarding new Identity protection features of McAfee product key activation, go to

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