Protect your Windows PC by Acronis Ransomware Protection

Getting attacked by a Ransomware can be very dangerous and can cause users from a huge loss as regards to your data and money. In recent days, the number of ransomware attacks has increased enormously. Most of the user ending up by losing their data or paying money for decrypting it.

 But there is the best solution, for protecting you against ransomware attacks. Developers will continue their work hard to close such vulnerabilities, and the to protect you from the ransomware attacks developers provides an Acronis Ransomware Protection tool. The motive to design the tool is that it prevents from any of the suspicious activity on your system and always protect your files.

About Acronis Ransomeware Protection

The Acronis Ransomware Protection is offering a free version to all their users; it always helps you in setup up the protection against all kinds of ransomware attacks on your computer. The tool will also provide you the corrective measures like back up and data recovery. The tool is fantastic and simple to use and setup.

Once the ransomware protection is installed on your system, this will provide you the real-time protection and continues to run in the background of the system. After completion of the software installation, you need to create a new free Acronis account to use the latest and new features such as cloud backup and many more. The Acronis Ransomeware Protection tool is not a complete replacement for your anti-virus/anti-malware program. Instead, for the complete protection, you need to install the best antivirus on your system. For the best protection from viruses install McAfee antivirus on your system. The experts of McAfee are available24*7 to assist you, for more info dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support or visit

 The Ransomware protection software is basically designed to run along with your existing security program. It is adding a coating of ransomware protection upon your existing security setup.

How does the Acronis Ransomeware Protection work?

Acronis always works in the background of the system and continuously looks for any suspicious processes. The suspicious process belongs to the process that might be carrying out any unauthorized encryption/decryption and some other type of suspicious activities. The tool identifies the viruses and informs and stop it immediately.

Acronis can detect all attacks on the system like WannaCry, Petya, Cerber, Bad Rabbit, AES-NI, and Osiris. These attacks have been reported in 2017 and caused a huge loss to many companies and employees.

According to Acronis protection, there was an increase of 400% in new strains of ransomware and 1100$ which was the average money demanded in 2017.

If you click on the Manage Processes option, then you can see the processes that appear distrustful to Acronis Ransomware Protection. Then, you can easily block or trust any of these processes, or you can also add an application manually and spot it as trusted or blocked. Then, the tool will block every application or process from running on your computer is completely barred. You can easily unblock and moved the blocked applications to trusted list anytime you want.

Apart from providing real-time protection against ransomware, Acronis also offers some remedial features as well.

  • It offers the free cloud backups for your important data or files.
  • For using this feature, you will need to create an Acronis account.
  • Every account has a free limit of 5 GB.
  • You can also extend the subscription limit by paying a nominal charge for cloud
  • Cloud backups always confirm the safety of your data and always make your data available anywhere across the globe.

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