How to Reset Or Change Your True Key Master Password of Mcafee?

One of the most common dead-falls of all the password managers is that they have always remembered their Master Password. Unfortunately, if they forget their password then they lose their access to their all other accounts. True key provides a different concept to their users, they can provide access to their application by login them. Users can generate a unique idea. But this idea totally depends on the devices that are used by the users, however, they provide some different techniques for the remembrance of their password easily by protecting them through fingerprint, face-lock or some second devices locks. You can even combine the authentication methods for stronger and safe security of your devices.

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As we already discussed, that users can only use True Key software by creating their account for creating an account user first have to sign in with your username and password then you can avail every service that is provided by the True key.

Some solution we can explain below to help you out in recovering your True Key Password, we try to provide you the best information that can easily help you in resetting your password in very less time.

How to Reset or Change your True Key Master Password Of Mcafee?


To reset or change the password of your True Key Master, don’t wait until its too late. Just follow these simple steps and change your password and reset them in few seconds by believing in the True Key software. All steps are given below but follow these steps in ascending order is necessary only to save your time and efforts. You can change your Master Password, only if you are able to log in your True Key account.

Step-1  Sign in into your “True Key Account”.

Step-2  Click on the “Users icon” button, at the top right corner of your screen.                            View your “Profile”.

Step-3  Then, go to the “My Factors” screen.

Step-4  Click on the “Edit” button to change the “Master Password”.

Step-5  First, type the “Current Master Password” then type your “New Master Password”.

Step-6  Type your “New Master Password” again and verify it.

Step-7   Click on the button “Change Password”.

A message appears on your screen after completing the procedure that your Master Password has been changed successfully.


Here is some special notification about True Key is that the users can only reset their “Master Password” on a “Trusted Device”. A trusted device is that device which is added by the users as a Trusted Device in their true Key Profile. When users allow the access to only Trusted Devices, it prevents access to your account from an unknown device that someone else. That means the True Key application will not recognize the device unless it is trusted by users in their profile.

Try out this second method, if you are unable to reset your Master Password by the first method. This method surely solves your problem. Follow the steps given below:

The “Forgot Master Password” option only works, when the lines are given below is both true.

  1. If you previously did not disable the “Master Password Reset” feature in the Profile Preferences of True Key. This option is only set to “Enabled” by default.
  2. You previously built at least of two additional authentication factors, or any different ways of signing into True Key, such as:
  • Email
  • Second device
  • Fingerprint
  • Face lock.

After completing this procedure, if you are still in trouble in reset or change your password then you have the last option that you connect with the McAfee Customer support. They can help you in resetting your Master Password. McAfee customer support available 24*7 to help you instantly. Dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support for your quick assistance.

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