How to Stop Annoying Google Ads from Following you Online?

We all know that the online ads follow us everywhere on the internet. When you type anything in your search engine or if you visit any website, then the online advertisers will begin popping up the appropriate advertisement to everywhere you go on the internet, it might be your social media network, your email inbox or anything else. It is also the same for Google Ad sense advertisement too. It is strictly or technically termed as performance advertising or interest-based advertising.

However, Google always shows you the advertisement as per your interests and behavior on the internet. For example, if you like a Facebook page of any particular brand, then Google will start showing you the advertisements for that brand everywhere on the internet.

How to Stop Google Ads from following you on the Internet?

There are two types of Google ads which follow you on the internet,

  1. One is when you are already logged into your Google account
  2. The second one is when you are not logged into your Google account.

Both of these two advertisements are based on your internet surfing, browsing, and searching. You will only see the ads for services and products which you have once searched for. Google is very smart as it will only display the ads that are according to your age group, your gender, and your location and it also makes the use of Cookies for this principle.

  1. When you are already logged In into your Google account

It is truly very easy to stop the Google by following you around the internet and showing you the advertisement. To stop these ads, you need to follow the given steps

  1. Visit the while you are logged into your Google account
  2. Click to uncheck the box showing the message “Also use Google Account activity and information to personalize advertisement on these apps and websites and also store that data in your Google Account.”

Once you uncheck the box, Google will automatically stop linking your websites and browse data with their advertising partner applications and therefore will stop showing the advertisement which is based on your internet activity and your interest. However, it might take some time to imitate the change in your settings.

  1. When you are not logged into your Google account
  2. When you are not logged in with your Google account, then you need to visit on
  3. Click to uncheck the two boxes which show the message like this,
  • Ads Personalization Across the Web
  • Ads Personalization on the Google Search.

Once you uncheck the box, then Google will automatically stop showing you the ads when you are on your Google Search page or YouTube. However, some ads will still appear, but they will be irrelevant.

With these given setting squeezes, you can revolve the Google ad personalization on or off. Now, these settings are saved to your Google Account (if you are signed in), or to your browser (if you are not signed in).

Apart from these settings, you can also use the Google Chrome plugin to opt out the personalized ads.

Google Chrome Plugin Opt-Out IBA

It’s the plugin for the Google Chrome which allows you to opt out of Google’s interest-based advertisement on its partnering websites. For this, you just need to install the plugin, and it will allow you to opt out the DoubleClick advertising cookie which is generally used by Google to provide you the internet based advertisement.

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